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Politically Homeless by author Mary Terzian
Politically Homeless 
A five-year Odyssey across three continents. 

Author House, July 2015  


“A universal struggle revealed in a personal story, this memoir is told  against the backdrop of strict cultural upbringing, political turmoil, and a young woman’s love of education, propelling her toward independence."   Sherry Barber, Journalist, Editor


Terzian’s story continues as her extraordinary autobiography, Politically Homeless – an Odyssey across three continents – unfolds with more adventures in her always honest and humorous voice."  M.L Schubert, Author of The Silence and Beyond



ISBN-10: 1504913116  ISBN-13: 978-1504913119

The Immigrant's Daughter by author Mary Terzian
The Immigrants' Daughter
A private battle to earn the right to self-actualization., Inc. 2005 


“Ms. Terzian captivates the reader in a long, yet fascinating journey

in search of herself and the meaning of existence, time, and place. Humor, fiction, depth, psychology and irony are all intertwined in a story that is delightful to read."  

S. Michael Saad, Senior Editor, Watani International


Multicultural nonfiction category:

- Winner, Dan Poynter’s Global E-book Award, 2012

- Finalist, Indie Excellence, 2007

- Winner, Best Books, 2006


ISBN-10: 159113773X  ISBN-13: 978-1591137733

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