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Hacienda Heights, CA / Continental Who’s Who - Mary Terzian is recognized by Continental Who’s Who among Pinnacle Professionals in the field of Writing. Mary is an Author, Speaker, Blogger and Writer.     


Inspired by the books she read as a child, Mary wanted to emulate them and leave a legacy. She has since been writing for fifty- five years. A noteworthy humanitarian with historical experiences with the Armenian genocide, Mary has contributed various articles to newspapers on and off in both Armenian and English and reported her travels through eighteen countries to her editor in Egypt. 


Throughout the course of her studies, Mary earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from California State University-Los Angeles. Prior to her move to California, upon her arrival in the United States, she studied Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York. Writing was her passion. Eventually she retired early from her business career to follow her calling.  


Mary’s first book, The Immigrants’ Daughter, a memoir about growing up in Egypt, won a Best Book 2006 Award in multicultural nonfiction. Her second book, Politically Homeless, depicting a five-year itinerant life, has elicited a request from Women of Distinction Magazine to feature her as the “Recipient of the 2016 Excellence Award,” and an invitation from the Honors Department of The International Women's Leadership Association (IWLA) who have selected her for outstanding leadership skills, commitment to her profession and contributions to her community.


Terzian is a member of the Writers Club of Whittier. She keeps a blog at and contributes articles to her club available on the Writers Club of Whittier website. She is active on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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